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Best Toyota Models for Trunk-or-Treat

As Halloween approaches, many communities and organizations are planning trunk-or-treat events for some safe Halloween fun. The key to a stellar trunk-or-treat design is having a spacious cargo area. If you are participating in a trunk-or-treat this year and want a lot of room to work with, these are the best Toyotas for trunk-or-treating.


The Toyota Sequoia boasts a versatile cargo area. If you slide the third-row seats forward, it has 22.3 cubic feet of cargo space. Fold down the third row and you can use up to 49 cubic feet.


The Toyota Sienna is a spacious, comfortable minivan with plenty of cargo room for your trunk-or-treat decorations. Behind its third row, it offers 33.5 cubic feet. You can fold down the third row, and it offers a massive 75.2 cubic feet.


The 4Runner is available with either two or three rows of seats. If you have the three-row model, it only has 9 cubic feet behind the seats. With those seats folded, the cargo volume grows to 46.3 cubic feet. If your 4Runner only has two rows, you can 47.2 cubic feet without folding any seats.


With 16 cubic feet behind the third row, the Highlander has more cargo space than most mid-size SUVs. You can use up to 48.4 cubic feet if you fold down the third row.

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