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How to Limit Data Usage on the Road

Limit Data Usage | Courvelle Toyota | Opelousas, LA

Heading out on a family road trip can be a fun adventure. Unfortunately, with all the devices we all carry around with us now, a road trip can lead to massive data use. If you don’t want to max out your data cap on your next road trip, consider these tips to help limit data usage.

How much data do you use?

Here are a few data estimates for common activities:

  • Streaming music: 40 MB – 140 MB/hour
  • Steaming video (SD): 700 MB – 1 GB/hour
  • Turn by turn navigation: 5 MB/hour
  • Sending email without attachments: About 20 KB per email
  • Sending email with attachments: About 300 KB per email
  • Video call using calling app: 15 MB – 54 MB

Download before you go

To save on streaming data, download as much media through Wi-Fi as you can before you leave. Most streaming services have this feature.

Use offline maps

You can also offline maps or use the GPS build into your Toyota.

Close your apps

Make sure you fully close all browsers and apps on our devices when you are finished using them. Some apps continue to use data even when not actively in use.

Turn off push notifications

If you get notifications from your apps, this will use your data. Turn off as many push notifications as you can before you leave.

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