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Conventional vs Synthetic Oil: Which Is Better for Your Car?

Conventional vs. Synthetic | Courvelle Toyota | Opelousas, LA

When you bring your car, truck, or SUV to Courvelle Toyota for an oil change, our service technicians will ask you: conventional vs synthetic oil? To help you decide which is better for your vehicle’s motor, here’s a simple explanation of the differences.

Their source

Both conventional and synthetic motor oil derives from the same initial source: crude oil from the earth that has been cleaned up.

Their refinement

What distinguishes synthetic oil is that the crude oil has been combined with other quality additives to make the liquid cleaner, more stable, and smoother under pressure. Conventional oil typically only receives the barest filtration and treatment before entering a bottle, making it more volatile and susceptible to deterioration.

Their function

Both types of oil lubricate the moving mechanical components of your car’s engine to reduce friction. Synthetic oil is better at this because of its higher performance under heat and additives that clean up the debris left behind by the combustion process.

Their cost

Because of the extra preparation and contents that go into making synthetic oil, it costs more than conventional oil — typically twice as much. Keep in mind that because synthetic oil lasts longer, you won’t replace it as often, and thus the cost may balance out over time.

Now that you know the difference between conventional vs. synthetic oil, you can choose which one is better for your Toyota here at Courvelle Toyota. Contact us to schedule your next oil change in Opelousas, Louisiana.

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