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AI Assistant Replaces Toyota Sienna Owner’s Manual

Toyota Sienna Manual | Courvelle Toyota | Opelousas, LA

When you want to learn how to use a new technology or need to consult your car’s recommended service schedule, traditionally you would have to flip through an owner’s manual. Now, Toyota is changing the game for 2021 Sienna owners by offering the new Toyota Driver’s Companion feature in the Toyota App.

This feature gives you access to Joya, a voice-activated virtual assistant. Joya can provide the information you need without requiring you to search through an owner’s manual. It can help with anything from learning about different features and technologies, identifying buttons, finding out what a dashboard light means, and setting up your driving settings.

The Toyota Driver’s Companion was made with Google Cloud Dialogflow®, allowing you to ask questions and get assistance in real-time. With interactive hotspots, you can virtually check out the cabin. And you can have a completely personalized experience using the voice-activated feature — all it needs is your vehicle’s VIN number.

For now, Toyota is only offering Toyota Driver’s Companion for 2021 Sienna models as part of a pilot program. If you own this minivan, you can try out the new tech by simply downloading the Toyota App onto your smartphone.

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