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Toyota Announces Two All-New Electrified SUVs

Toyota Announces Two New Electric SUVs - Courvelle Toyota By Lafayette, LA
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Toyota recently revealed plans to release two all-new electrified three-row SUVs. In order to bring these new vehicles to market, the automaker is investing $803 million in its Princeton, Indiana facility and hiring 1,400 employees to help get these new models rolling off the assembly line.

So far, Toyota hasn’t said much about whether these models will be resurrected classics, new nameplates, or the next-gen versions of current models. All the automaker is saying is that the models will be “designed with the active Gen Y American Family in mind.”

While there haven’t been many details released about these upcoming SUVs, Toyota states that they’ll debut with a new semi-automated driving system that enables you to enjoy a hands-free ride under specific conditions. Plus, they’ll boast a smartphone-controlled remote parking system for even greater convenience.

Currently, the automaker hasn’t revealed powertrain details for these new models. While we know that they’ll be electrified, this label can include a wide range of options, including battery-electric EVs, traditional hybrids, plug-in hybrids, and hydrogen fuel cell-powered models. Regardless of what kind of powertrains these new models are sporting, it’s likely that they’ll be among the 15 all-electric models that Toyota intends to bring to the market by 2025.

While these new electrified SUVs won’t arrive anytime soon, you can always check out the latest Toyota models at Courvelle Toyota in Opelousas, LA.

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