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2022 Toyota Camry Gets New Hybrid Nightshade Model & New Paint Colors

Not every sedan on the market can be deemed cool, but the Toyota Camry certainly can be — especially with its new Hybrid Nightshade version. To give Camry fans and sedan drivers in Opelousas and other U.S. cities a more attractive, eco-friendly ride, Toyota decided to release a Nightshade version of the popular Camry Hybrid. Previously, the SE Nightshade trim level was only available for the four-cylinder FWD and AWD gas-powered models. This year, the dynamic appearance configuration is an option for the hybrid-powered Camry, too. You may not normally think of a hybrid sedan as a trendy, sporty model, but the 2022 Camry Hybrid Nightshade certainly achieves that thanks to its 18-inch jet-black wheels and blacked-out shark fin antenna, window trim, badging, door handles and othe...