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Toyota Plans For A Carbon-Neutral Future

Toyota Plans for a Carbon-Neutral Future - Courvelle Toyota In Lafayette, LA
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Toyota is working to create a carbon-neutral future by offering more battery electric vehicles in its lineup. Take a look at how Toyota intends to electrify its lineup and, accordingly, become a greener company.

In 2022, the new battery electric Toyota bZ4X SUV will go into production, and it’s just one of the many new eco-friendly models you can expect to see on the market. By 2030, the automaker plans to have BEVs and fuel cell electric vehicles account for 15 percent of its sales in the U.S. When including hybrid and plug-in hybrid models as well, electrified models should make up 70 percent of Toyota and Lexus combined sales by that same time. Globally, Toyota anticipates selling about 8 million electrified vehicles, 2 million of which will be FCEVS and BEVS, by 2030.

Toyota has had more electrified vehicles on the market than every other automaker combined. Back in 1997, the brand launched the first all-electric RAV4-EV and then the iconic hybrid, the Prius. The Mirai, the brand’s first emissions-free FCEV, made its debut in 2015. Currently, Toyota has 17 electrified vehicles in its U.S. lineup, including FCEV, HEV, and PHEV models. These Toyota hybrids have helped the brand save 76 million tons of greenhouse-gas emissions in the U.S. alone.

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