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Louisiana Road Trip Destinations

Louisiana Road Trip Destinations - Courvelle Toyota By Lafayette, LA
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Looking for some summer fun? Louisiana offers plenty of exciting, family-friendly road trip destinations. Here’s a look at a few of our favorites.

Tabasco Factory Tour

Spice up your summer with a trip to the Tabasco sauce factory on Avery Island. At this engaging tour, you can see how this Louisiana classic is crafted, from where the peppers are grown to the barrels where the sauce is brewed to perfection. You can even grab a meal at the official Tabasco restaurant, which features famously spicy fare and even a build-your-own Bloody Mary bar.

Jungle Gardens

Also located on Avery Island, Jungle Gardens features a stunning array of subtropical flora and abundant wildlife. This 170-acre refuge hosts a bamboo grove, stunning azaleas, and a variety of native flora. Nature enthusiasts will love seeing the garden’s animal residents, which range from snowy egrets, otters, and armadillos to black bears and alligators. And you won’t want to miss the 900-year-old Buddha statue, which serves as the garden’s centerpiece.

Cat Island National Wildlife Refuge

Located north of Baton Rouge, this gorgeous swampland is home to a myriad of rare plants and animals. Pack up your family in your Toyota Highlander, and head out to Cat Island to observe these natural wonders up close. Immerse yourself in the outdoors by hiking the nature trails or canoeing around the park’s waterways.

Atchafalaya Basin

The largest wetland in the United States is located right here in central Louisiana. Here, you can enjoy everything from camping, boating, and bird watching to hunting, fishing, and hiking. The Atchafalaya Basin area even offers rich cultural experiences, with chances to try local cuisine, experience indigenous traditions, and the music of authentic Cajun and Creole bands.

Louisiana is full of fun and exciting places to discover. If you’re looking for the perfect vehicle to power your next adventure, find a Toyota 4Runner, Land Cruiser, or Sequoia from Courvelle Toyota in Opelousas, Louisiana.

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