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Toyota Launches New Car Seat App for Parents

Toyota Car Seat App | Courvelle Toyota | Lafayette, LA

Installing child car seats can be such a challenge that it has become a popular baby shower game. Toyota has launched an app that can provide help with that.

Available on Sienna minivan

The car seat installation function has been added to the Toyota Owners App, which is available through ToyotaOwners.com. Currently limited to the new 2021 Sienna minivan, Toyota plans to expand coverage to other vehicles in the coming years.

Step-by-step guide

To use the app, parents enter the VIN and are then asked to choose where the child seat will be installed, what kind of seat it is and if it will face front or back. The app can also help parents choose a seat based on their child’s weight and age.

Custom video

After the information is entered, the app creates and plays video instructions and generates written instructions to guide parents through installation. The instructions address the attachment method, whether it is Toyota’s award-winning LATCH system or by seat belt, and any special circumstances the parents might encounter, such as removing a headrest.

Developed by a parent

The app was created by a Toyota engineer who found installing a car seat a challenge and realized that parents and grandparents needed help. The US Centers for Disease Control estimate that more than half of the child seats in the US are not installed properly.

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