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Toyota Celebrates Over 30 Million Vehicles Produced in North America

Toyota Celebrates 30 Million Produced In N. America | Courvelle Toyota Blog | Lafayette, LA
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In February, Toyota reached an impressive new milestone: the production of 30 million vehicles in North America. In celebration of this feat, check out how Toyota manufacturing established its roots in the U.S. and developed some of the most popular vehicles for Americans.

On Oct. 7, 1986, the New United Motor Manufacturing plant in Fremont, California, made the first Toyota in North America. This Toyota was a white Corolla FX16 and was the first of many models to be made for Americans by Americans.

Since then, Toyota has produced about 1.62 vehicles every single minute. By 2002, 10 million Toyota vehicles had been produced in North America. And, the automaker reached 20 million units just seven years later. After another 12 years, Toyota made its 30th million, which was a gray 2021 Sienna. Not only does this minivan mark a milestone for the company, but it also is the first in its segment to solely offer a hybrid powertrain.

Over the past 35 years, Toyota has put roughly $30 billion toward U.S. manufacturing, $13 billion of which was invested in just the last five years. The automaker added 6,500 jobs in these last five years and updated the technology at the Toyota Indiana facility, allowing it to produce the all-new Sienna.

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