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Toyota Earns Autotrader Best New Automotive Technology for 2021 Awards

Autotrader Praises Toyota 2021 Technology | Courvelle Toyota | Lafayette, LA

Autotrader released its Best New Automotive Technology for 2021 list to let car buyers know about the latest and greatest vehicle innovations. In the list, Autotrader praised Toyota for its impressive hybrid and electric vehicle offerings.

Specifically, Autotrader honored the new 2021 Toyota Venza and Sienna hybrid models along with the plug-in hybrid RAV4 Prime. Each of these models is incredibly efficient and more eco-friendly than comparable gas-powered vehicles, while still being affordably priced.

In total, Toyota has 11 hybrids in its lineup, including the intelligent and stylish Highlander Hybrid. The automaker has also recently debuted the new 2021 Mirai fuel cell vehicle, which utilizes three hydrogen tanks and has a class-leading driving range. So far, the automaker has sold over 3.7 million hybrid electric vehicles in the U.S. and over 16 million vehicles globally.

Moving forward, Toyota plans to have an electrified option of each model available by 2025. The automaker also aims to have electric vehicles account for 25 percent of U.S. sales in 2025. With these goals in place, Toyota will be making it easier for drivers to go green.

If you’re interested in making the switch to a hybrid vehicle, be sure to give us a call at Courvelle Toyota in Opelousas, Louisiana, to learn more about the models we offer and schedule a test drive.

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