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Toyota 2020 North American Environmental Report

2020 Toyota Environmental Report Findings | Courvelle Toyota | Lafayette, LA

The Toyota 2020 North American Environmental Report details the automaker’s efforts to address environmental issues during 2020. Toyota specifically focused on problems related to biodiversity, carbon, materials, outreach, and water.

One of the automaker’s greatest achievements was that it had nine percent less absolute greenhouse gas emissions in Fiscal Year 2020 than in FY19. Toyota accomplished this by investing in renewable energy, improving its energy efficiency, and adjusting its model mix and production volumes.

At two locations, Toyota made water stewardship efforts. And, in 2021, Toyota plans to further address water quality, water conservation, local water conditions, and outreach activities with both local communities and suppliers.

Toyota also launched some exciting new electrified models, including the 2021 Toyota Sienna and Venza hybrids as well as the Mirai fuel cell vehicle and RAV4 Prime plug-in hybrid. By 2025, the automaker plans to offer an efficient, electrified version of each of its models.

Another highlight of the report is that Toyota currently has pollinator gardens at 17 sites. These gardens support monarch butterflies as they migrate through the U.S. This initiative along with the aforementioned ones show the automaker’s commitment to addressing climate change and other issues.

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