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Tips for Celebrating Thanksgiving Safely in 2020

Tips For Staying Safe This Thanksgiving | Courvelle Toyota | Lafayette, LA

As the world continues to work through this global pandemic, the holiday season is going to be a bit different this year. As Thanksgiving approaches, you can still make plans for celebrating family togetherness in a safer way. Following guidelines from the CDC will help you plan some new traditions as you celebrate in Opelousas, Louisiana.

The CDC groups activities into low, moderate, and high risk. For the best safety, choose activities that fall in the lower risk group. For Thanksgiving, low-risk activities include having a Thanksgiving dinner with just the people who live in your household, making no-contact food delivers to high-risk individuals, having a virtual family dinner, and shopping online instead of visiting stores. With these activities, we can help protect others and be thankful for our health.

Activities that fall in the moderate risk category include having a small outdoor dinner with family and friends while encouraging everyone to wear a mask, visiting apple orchards or pumpkin patches where you wash your hands before touching items, and attending small outdoor sporting events.

The riskiest activities that you should avoid include going to crowded stores around Thanksgiving, participating in a crowded race, going to a crowded parade, and attending a large indoor gathering with people outside of your household.

From Happytown, USA, to you and yours: Here’s hoping you have a wonderful, safe, and memorable Thanksgiving in 2020.

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