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Toyota Makes Huge Investment in American Workers, Jobs

Toyota Invests In American Jobs - Courvelle Toyota In Lafayette, LA

In January 2017, Toyota announced a new investment plan in which they committed to putting $13 billion into the American market between 2017 and 2021. This summer, the company announced that it reached its five-year investment goal one year early, shattering expectations for its commitment to America.

The recent U.S. investments have added over 6,500 American jobs across the country, many of which are in states neighboring Louisiana. For instance, an $800 million investment in Huntsville, Alabama, added 4,000 jobs, and a $1 billion investment in a new regional corporate headquarters in Plano, Texas, added another 1,000 jobs.

On top of their $13 billion investment, Toyota put $5.9 billion toward things like plant upgrades, research and development, and various other administrative costs. The Japanese brand is clearly committed to maintaining their role as an adopted citizen in the American market.

When you buy a Toyota truck, car, or SUV, you can appreciate the fact that these vehicles are made in America, and that each Toyota purchases you make goes back into our country’s economy. For the last 60 years, Toyota has shown their commitment to America by investing in the U.S. economy. The company is dedicated to building its reliable vehicles right here in the United States so that customers can be proud that the Toyota they drive is built in America.

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